“Trust me” by Roni Size – chosen by Jimmy

One of the earliest and I think one of the purest drum ‘n bass tracks – but oh so lovely cos all I can hear in the refrain is “Josh .. Josh ..ua ” Don’t know where the sample comes from but I suppose its actually “Trust me” given the title of the track. Now I’m not going to try and compete with anyone else’s knowledge of D’n B, just that when Roni Size released New Forms and won the Mercury Prize in 1997 I was immediately drawn to its frantic rhythms that always seem to be carrying a much gentler message (Share the Fall, Change my life). Josh would have been about 9 years old at the time and it wasn’t till much later that he could share with me his own passion for this stuff. I remember one car journey into London when he attempted to explain the different between drum ‘n bass and jungle – a nuance that still escapes me. If there’s anyone else that can help my poor appreciation of the history of this developments I would indeed be grateful.

Anyhow this is for Josh and a very special connection I have with him via what is probably a fairly unlikely musical route for a father and son. I so miss you “Josh .. Josh ..ua ”

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