MUSIC4JOSH : ‘System’ by NuTone ft Natalie Williams (Keeno Remix) – chosen by Libby

A favorite of Libby Burgess

This song, like so many in this genre encapsulate my relationship with Josh. He introduced me to Hospital Records and all it’s glory!

When I hear some beautiful vocals over a humming base line and a beat, it instantly takes me back to college days; smoking in the fag pit, driving Jesses red 106 around, Josh pinching, Jess punching me (together was their favourite attack), going to raves in Wantage?!?! Why Wantage!! and Josh acting like a big brother when some bloke came to talk to me ” Are you alright, he’s not bothering you is he?”

One of my first and fondest memories of Josh, is after only a few weeks of knowing the boy, I got poorly with tonsillitis. He knocked on my door (with a text saying “I’m coming round your’s to drop something off”). With a CD in hand, named “Josh’s Mix For Libby” written in green, and including a hand written track listing, not just with the songs, but what song’s to listen to depending on my mood…”Listen to make you feel better”, ” Listen if your feeling sad” “Listen if your feeling excited” etc. It was in such an order as to help make me feel better, and it did. Every tune was selected with passion and love for the music and eagerness to share it’s beauty; and that was Joshua…so eager to share his experience of what he considered to be great, as well as taking the time to listen to what you considered better!!

So this song really for me is only a tiny part of what Josh opened my eyes to. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Snout changed the way I view music and made my taste in it what it is today. For that, I am eternally grateful. REMEMBER THE FUTURE. xxxxxxxxx

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“System” by NuTone ft. Natalie Williams (Keeno Remix) – chosen by Libby Burgess
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