Josh was on his travels when he died. His journey to SE Asia represented a new and exciting part of his life. So many countries to visit, so many people to meet. That dream now gone.

His good friend Victoria set up POSTCARDS TO JOSH so that we could stay in touch with this dream and where we can send postcards from our travels to him. Tell him about what we liked, didn’t like, what he would have liked or moaned about! Whether it’s a photograph of a tropical beach in the South Pacific, a hand drawn postcard from Chalford or a porno postcard from Amsterdam, this blog is a place where we can show Josh what we are up to and show one other. A place to share stories and memories. This way we are taking Josh around the world to all the places that he would have wanted to visit.

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Please send physical postcards to:

Postcards to Josh

1 Cotswold Place,Chalford Hill,Stroud, GL6 8EJ

Please send digital postcards to:

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