Josh’s mum Jane goes running nearly everyday – and as she runs ideas come and she has now started to record some of these on her i-phone.  It’s an important way for her to maintain her relationship with Josh and for her to share her thoughts.  How we remember our child and keep them in our lives can take many forms but we can make them even more significant by breaking through the barrier of privacy many will shelter behind and record our thoughts for the benefit of others.  Much like a written diary they are a way of validating our grief, and these audio diaries are intriguing for the spontaneity they exhibit. These then are Jane’s various musings on life and death, her relationship with Josh, her sadnesses and her joys.    (Jimmy 2015)

As with other blogs the latest recording comes first

RUNNING THOUGHT 3 -  Black Arm Band (27.3.2015)


RUNNING THOUGHT 2 -  Josh’s i-pod (18.3.2015)


RUNNING THOUGHT 1 - Hills (9.3.2015)


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