On 16th January 2011 Joshua Amos Harris Edmonds was tragically killed in a road traffic accident in Vietnam. Josh was 3 months into his trip for which he had saved for over a year and which would have taken him across the whole of south east Asia. Josh was 22 when he died.

This website has been designed both as a memorial site for Josh – a place where friends and family can come to remember and contribute stories and anecdotes as well as news of their adventures and experiences, particularly as they feel Josh’s influence in their life.

But it is also a resource for all those who have been bereaved, in particular by a sudden or untimely death. We hope that you too can contribute your stories of how you have come to terms with the loss of a brother/sister or a son/daughter. Saying Goodbye is never easy but saying goodbye can lead to new discoveries.

Alongside our own family tributes to Josh, this site then also houses the book ‘Released’, a collection of photographs and personal writings by Josh’s dad, Jimmy.

And two films:

REMEMBERING JOSH is a record of Josh’s life as remembered at his funeral, with many wonderful musical contributions., stories and anecdotes.

BEYOND GOODBYE is aimed at a wider audience and is the story of our attempts to organise the funeral ourselves without recourse to a traditional funeral director, and what immense value that was as we struggled to come to terms with our loss.

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