Beyond Goodbye

“BEYOND GOODBYE” is a shorter version of our film “REMEMBERING JOSH” which records the life of our son Josh, as it was remembered at his funeral early in 2011.

It is intended for a wider audience and will have value for all those who are recently bereaved as well as anyone interested in healing power of creating a funeral ritual without recourse to conventional undertakers.

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  1. This film is a wonderful celebration of joshua”s life of course I never knew him but feel that this film brought him alive and showed how valued and loved he was. I can only imagine your loss as I have a son of 26 who is so precious and loved. Thank you for taking the time to make this film at such an emotional time. I found it uplifting xx

  2. Beautiful, moving & very helpful to one who is quite recently bereaved of an equally amazing friend & brilliant Brother ❣ Thank You so much Josh xx

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