This is Purgatory

FILM: ‘This is Purgatory’

‘This is Purgatory’ is a film that Josh’s Dad, Jimmy made some years before Josh died.  He was asked to make it as part of an arts project in Stroud in which 24 artists were invited to respond to randomly selected local map references. Jimmy’s reference was a small wood strangely called Purgatory. Nobody seemed to know why. But what started out as an attempt to find out the origins of the name quickly became a series of quirky character studies and a reflection on life now and the life hereafter.

Jimmy says “It does feel slightly odd watching this film now, given that its core question is what happens when we die.    Its fairly lighthearted take on the life hereafter I not sure that I could make it now. That said I’m still very proud of the film. It was fun to make and it still raises a smile”.

For some light relief and an insight into some of the more curious aspects of living with the inevitable near Stroud, we urge you to take a look – you might even recognize James Showers, our local undertaker, who helped us when Josh died…. and there’s a wonderful cameo performance from Jimmy’s mum Emily.


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