The Good Grief Project – expression of interest



Thank you for taking an interest in our documentary film project.   If you would like to take part please fill in the form below.   Please note our estimated travel times in the States by referring to the map.   We look forward to hearing your story and we will respond as quick as we can.

NOTE: JULY 17th 2015 – we seem to be having a few technical difficulties with this page – the form is not loading as  it should.    So for the moment we would ask you to use the CONTACT US page, fill in your name and e mail address and we will send you the form to fill in and then send back to us.    ….

NOTE:  22nd JULY 2015 - the technical problem is now resolved and the form should be working fine.   If you still have problems or prefer to fill out the form off-line please CONTACT US as above.   Thanks  – Jimmy




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