Is it a burden to share your sadness?

We all get quite a few messages from far and wide telling us how much Josh is missed –  today Joe received this note on his Facebook page from a friend of Josh’s

“I miss your brother so much, Joe…. Some people talk and some people can express who they are through their eyes and Josh was someone who when you looked into his eyes you could read so much”

He then continued .. “I hope you are not offended by me sending you this message …. Not sure I should be burdening you with my emotions but wanted you to know () how much I miss him.”

When Jane read the message she wondered why he feels he’d be a burden by sharing his sadness.

“Being bereaved can be lonely but this is largely because of peoples discomfort about being around bereaved people.   Mainly because THEY feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to BE.   But this is a  two way thing. I know sometimes I can’t be bothered with people. But its also important for us to let people know what WE need and help them to talk about it if they want to.”