A letter from Josh’s Uncle Richard

Dear,Jane,Jimmy,Rosa and Joe,

Posts on Facebook get gobbled up so fast and speaking for myself,my attention span is not too long anyway,not to mention slow running computers and links that won’t open!,but that in no way detracts from the great love that exists for You and your large family of friends who suffered the loss of Joshua in his prime of life.I have watched “Beyond Goodbye” many times on my own and with selected friends.I was and my friends were always left speechless,with wet faces but strangely happy from the great love,sincerity and humour that comes across!I especially like the part where Jane,explains to us how there is so much to live for,just getting through each day in the best way possible,adding that life goes on,it’s just very different.I was also soothed by the part in Rosa’s dream section,where people share that in their dreams Joshua has consistantly,”communicated” that he is ok ,and not to worry!”I can easily imagine Joshua actually using these very words!I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity and courage to include those of us who were not able to be around at that terrible time through this thought provoking and deeply loving tribute to Joshua.I would recommend anyone recently berieved to take a look at”Beyond Goodbye”

Bringing life into death, death into life …. from Claire Gale






We have received these words from Claire Gale (Claire is mum to one of Josh’s best friends Holly – pictured)

Through your unselfish, unbounded   and open love for your son, your brother, you have allowed our sons and daughters to learn to grieve openly. To touch  Josh, to talk, to be close to you, to be included and have a say, and we thank you for that.

Through your extraordinary creativity, your shared expression of your loss, you have brought life into death, death into life, with honesty and openness.

Through new ways, words, messages, they learn things will never be the same. Time is not a healer, they just miss him more and there is no meaning to what has happened to you all. And they, you, we, try to live around that.

Through your sensitivity, your care, your inclusion, your open arms, you allow new friendships, deeper love and a safety in knowing that it is ok not to be ok.

Through your grief we see you. Who you were, who you are, and now we begin to understand that your beautiful son was so special and wonderful and loved by so many because of you.  And so, we must continue to love, express and create for you and him, and us and them.