Some daunting news …

Ride London is an annual event attracting over 25,000 cyclists riding 100 miles through London out to Surrey (climbing two famously nasty hills) and back again to finish on The Mall.

… and we have taken up the challenge to ride with them

WE are  TEAM JOSH and we have entered this year as part of our fundraising campaign for THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS.  We are hoping to collect £1500 in donations in support of the hugely valuable work that TCF does.   TCF helped us – they have been helping us ever since Josh died and we want to give something back in return.    And if you want to help us help them then please trek on over to our JUSTGIVING page where you will find the easy peasy way to  donate.

Just a little background re TCF

 Over 6000 young people under the age of 25 will die in the UK very year leaving tens of thousands newly bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents.   (When Josh died in 2011 we were some of that number).   TCF is an international charity that started life in Coventry in the late 1970’s and is the only peer to peer network of bereaved parents and families in existence.  All the charities staff, management board and volunteers are themselves bereaved.  As such they/we are especially attuned to the needs of the newly bereaved.

But resources are limited and the charity we can’t reach many of the people who so desperatety need our help without developing its profile along with all the publicity it can get.   And this is where our Ride London comes in and how you can help us in what is bound to be a hugely publicised event.   But remember we are only human and it is 100 miles and legs do tire … moral support for us is invaluable and financial support for TCF is … priceless.   If we can do you can do it by  DONATING HERE.   

So who is TEAM JOSH

With a total age of over 200 (thats two years for every mile we ride – yikes!) we are all family and friends of our Josh



Jimmy (66) is Josh’s Dad and still riding hard and the most ‘senior’ of the team.

Although this picture could tell a story it’s not really true one.  We did make it to New York last year but sadly without the bike and John o’Groats will have to wait awhile – 874 miles feels a tad over the limit.   I’ve never even riden 100 miles in one go and this is my first attempt at Ride London 100 - something of a challenge.

But I’m totally committed – I’ve riden the pain of Josh’s death so frankly these days  I can ride anything!!



Pru Health Tri - Bike


JOE (37) is Josh’s older brother.   He is our team leader, team coach and general alround inspiration.

As you can see Joe has done this before so at least one of us knows the way!! Joe is looking for a fast time this year – trying to crack 5 hours – but the rest of us hope to ride with him for at least some of the time… maybe the first 100 yards.

Joe is currently in Mexico preparing for a Triathlon on 21st May – we wish him luck



tom brind copy copy


Tom (37) has the biggest heart and the biggest smile in North London. Originally from sarf of the city Tom knew Josh from a baby, has and will always have deep connections with our family. We’ve riden and hiked and overcome many obstacles together.

I’m relying on Tom to help me get up them hills.




Billy(Andrew)(Wiggo)Baxter (3?) is our secret surprise.   An unknown quantity is Billy but make no mistake he has some very powerful legs.

We are hoping he can keep his eye on the road and not be distracted by thoughts of a new arrival to his family – due sometime in late June.

Good Luck Billy and Bel on all accounts.




Ride London happens on Sunday 31st July and the countdown has now begun – we train in earnest and put in the miles every week and especially the weekends – in total I expect to cover over 100o miles between now and then.   And while this is enjoyable its no laughing matter – our legs need to work hard but fundraising for our charity can also be a gruelling task.   How many times have you been asked to donate to a good cause this year?   We do understand that pockets are not a bottomless unending pile of cash, but we also ask that in honour of all those children who have died before their parents and in honour of the help that TCF offers them, that you can spare a little to support this amazing charity.


Thanks for reading


May 2016

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