Three years ago, three young men, three young deaths …




Three years ago last weekend, three young men with their lives before them were snatched from this earth in a way that was as cruel as it was unexpected.   Bruno Max and Conrad were school friends on their gap year.  They had only just begun their travels in Thailand when the coach they were traveling in backed out onto a busy highway and collided with the on going traffic.  They were killed instantly.   This was a mere six months after Josh’s death in Vietnam.   All four young men were setting out to discover the world and to discover themselves.

We only know of this tragedy because Josh’s sister Rosa is friends of friends of Bruno’s family and was visiting in London when the news came from Thailand.   A sad coincidence then that we have got to know them all well in the past few years.    Conrad’s mum Amanda and Bruno’s family Gillian, Bella and William have become good friends and we think of them often but especially at this time.    Bruno’s girlfriend Saffia made theimage above and you can see more of Brunos’s work as a photographer here Beyond Goodbye – Continuing Bonds – Bruno Melling photographer 

We have also met Max’s dad Gerhard and his partner Madeleine – earlier this year Gerhard returned to the scene of the crash and made this film.

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June 2014

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  1. So true joe what you say about love and memory living on through loss. And like you we are amazed and strengthened by the many new strong bonds we have made since Josh died. Thanks for your lovely words and your own courage in facing the loss of your brother Josh.

  2. A beautiful film. This brings back so many emotions of travelling to the road side where Josh lost his life.
    The footage is as delicate as life.
    It staggers me how cruel life can be, in an instance.
    Everytime I see pictures of those 3 boys it is heart breaking, but somehow I feel I know Bruno in particular, from the strong bonds that have been created between our families now.
    A reminder that through pain and the biggest loss, love and memory always lives on.
    To my dad, Jane and the parents of Bruno, Conrad and Max….Your strength is something to behold.

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