Josh Edmonds Memorial Scheme – Candidate chosen!

After a long and careful deliberation we have been able to select the next candidate for an internship with the Ministry of Sound.    Jane and I (Josh’s parents) along with Andy Freeman from Cirencester College and Lewis Murphy (last years successful candidate) met to pour over the applications and choose from the shortlisted interviewees.    A rewarding if slightly daunting task.     All the candidates were in their own way suitable so the decision really came down to who we felt would most benefit from occupying Josh’s shoes for a month at one of the nation’s best know clubs.

Josh’s Memorial scheme was started as a way of honouring his memory, his work and his passion for music and video.    Having studied at Cirencester College Media department, Josh then moved to London where he work as an intern at the ‘ministry’ for a few months before becoming a full time employee.   In total he spent three years producing over 200 video clips for the brand.    We feel sure he would be pleased with the way the scheme is going and would approve of this years successful who is …. (drum roll) ….Barnaby (Barny) Wilson

Barny Wilson – candidate no 2 for the Josh Edmonds Memorial Scheme

Barny is 20, has grown up in rural Gloucestershire, went to Cirencester College has had a few gigs as a dj (Motion in Bristol) and in a sense is already following in Josh’s footsteps.

‘I’ve immersed myself in dance music culture since my early teens’ he says, ‘and I’ve wanted to be part of London’s creative arts scene right from when I first got into electronic music; …  (MOS) is obviously a cultural hub and hot spot for emerging talent and amazing opportunities, so I can’t wait to get stuck in’.

barnyasaboy copy
aged six and already on the sticks

We wait to see if Barny continues down the music route or uses this opportunity to hone his video skills.    He has already started a blog about his experiences which you can read here  Barny Wilson’s Ministry Of Sound Internship – he starts at the Ministry at the end of this month June 2014.

A big thank you to all who applied for the scheme (shame but there can only be one candidate selected), thanks to Andy and Anita Pring at Cirencester College for organising the selection process, thanks to last years intern Lewis Murphy for your inspirational lead,  thanks to MOS for continuing to support the scheme and huge congratulations to Barny.   We know you will be fitting and accomplished filler of Joshua’s shoes!

Jimmy 9th June 2014

Here’s the link to Barnys blog again 

blog MOS

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