Jane’s radio interview for BBC

Last month Jane was interviewed by BBC Radio Gloucestershire as part of a radio series examining what happens to somebody’s social media presence, after they die.        You can listen to the full interview here.

And listen out for the song “Joshua’s tree” written and performed by Jessica Carmody Nathan

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  1. Dear Jane, wonderful film and interview. It is almost six months since my brother died, and over 35 years since my sister died (and nearly ten months since my Chocolate Labrador died). When my sister died, it was as if my family imploded. Now it’s nuclear. My parents, 3 sisters, sister-in-law, etc are all struggling separately with “coming to terms” with the death of my wonderful brother, and trying to live on, though I for one find it very hard. Siblings are irreplaceable; shared memories only they remember…. Josh seemed like a terrific person, as do your other children. I hope they are a comfort to you. Best wishes. Jayne x

    1. Thanks for your message. Its a long hard journey and siblings and children are irreplaceable. Yes, our children are a huge comfort to us as we all learn to live with this painful situation. As a family we talk about Josh a lot which we all find helpful. Nothing will ever take the loss away but with time it will be easier to live with. And all new losses put us back in touch with previous ones which can be so hard. All you can do is keep on keeping on and dont be afraid to mention your loved ones names! So glad our site has been helpful to you.

  2. Gosh – finally just listened to your radio interview Jane. Really uplifting.
    18 minutes! You’re a star too xxx

  3. Jane, a beautiful, thoughtful interview – I hope it’ll be circulated more and that your wise words will reach more people who will take courage in facing grief from them. Love to you all. X

    1. Thanks Iris for your response. It will be 2 years this January 16th since that awful life changing day and as time passes, as I say in the interview, we are learning to live with our loss. The website is a huge part of our healing journey particularily when we receive words of encouragement that people are still there for, us as being bereaved can be a lonely place in our death avoidant culture. Thanks iris and everyone else who has had the courage to reach out and respond to our memorial website to Joshua.

      1. Hi Jane, it was a great privilege to see your film at the event last Thursday in London and to meet you both briefly afterwards.

        Hope we can connect up as discussed,


  4. Jane,this interview is a very moving account of how you have lived through the trauma of losing Josh.It has often struck me that you have celebrated his life and kept his memory alive in a unique and creative way ,feeling for what felt right to you and for Josh.It also reminded me that we do defend against being aware of the possibility of this kind of loss and your thoughts on this and what helps are full of insight .Sharing your experience, and your tenacity in doing this is valuable to many and truly remarkable……
    Thank you

  5. Jane, Have just listened to your radio interview and think you are an amazing lady. Eloquent, moving and informative and i am so pleased you shared this with so many who i hope were listening on the radio. Just awesome, Nx

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