This Tree is Planted in Memory of You – by Claire Gale

The Gale Family have been a fantastic support for us since Josh died.     Holly was one of Josh’s best friends and Rosie is his sister Rosa’s best friend.       Claire is their mother who has written these words which Hollie read out at the time of the tree planting

Rosie Gale scatters some of Josh's ashes

This tree is planted in memory of you,

All you are, all you knew.

Every  leaf a person who loves you so much,

Memories rich, lives you have touched.

Every  branch an offer of support and hope,

As the days go by and we try to cope.

The  trunk is the strength that will help us stand,

For days, and years, hand in hand.

The roots that grow silently under the ground,

Pull us together, friends and family are bound.

And as each leaf buds, then falls from this tree,

You are close,

Always  young, always beautiful, always free.

This tree celebrates your life,

It offers hope and it offers trust,

We love you Josh.