DIY FUNERAL – or Dig It Yourself!

Check this out – a truly remarkable video – when Wendii Miller’s 98 year old mother died she took all the funeral arrangements into her own hands and buried her herself. After collecting her mum’s corpse from Grimsby Hospital mortuary she drove off with it in the back of her camper van to her chosen burial site, dug the grave herself and as Wendii describes she “cocooned her in a natural cotton sheet and sort of slithered her down into the grave, where she lay at the bottom like a chrysalis”

For those who saw the recent Channel 4 documentary Undercover Undertakers, this is an amazing reposte to the funeral industry.

The Natural Death Centre describes the legal situation regarding natural DIY burials on its website. It says:

Arranging and conducting a funeral without employing a funeral director is something that only a few families undertake, but those who have done so are invariably surprised by how easy and straightforward it was.  There is no legal requirement to use the services of a funeral director but if this is something that you are considering, I would  suggest that you contact the Natural Death Centre for free advice and guidance.

For more about this story see Ellee Seymouor’s blog

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  1. Like I said on Google, this vid SHOULD BE COMPULSORY VIEWING, as we’re all gonna be DEAD one day. Dig It Yourself tells us OUR RIGHTS to DIY. SHOWS US. Like you can really watch it, and think, yep, nice to know we can DIY if we want.

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