Memories by Lyndsey Gill

Some words here from Lyndsey Gill.     Lyndsey is the mum of Jess, one of Josh’s best friends from school and she writes with a wonderful clarity and economy producing images so sharp you can almost smell the air they breathe.

Thanks Lyndsey for some beautiful memories



Joshua, Joshua,

Sweeter than lemon squash you are……

This is the song my Mum used to sing to Josh.

Joshua, Joshua……Josh.

The beautiful boy who came to Corsica with us. Gentle, funny, intelligent, brave….

Josh and Jess, in the mountains, diving from a high rock into a deep pool, momentarily transformed in the air, beautiful young boys swift and clean as kingfishers. Then back to gangly lads, limbs spread on a rock to dry in the sunshine.

Josh and Jess, delivering leaflets for the Indian takeaway.

They shuffle off in their huge trainers, laces undone, their baggy jeans falling down.

I run out into the road after them and call out, laughing, “Do up your laces! Pull up your trousers! Move!”

They turn and smile at me, gently, “yeah, yeah” with all the folly and wisdom of youth.

Then they shuffle off up the road, round the corner, out of sight……




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